Saturday, November 23, 2013

More Foodie Excursions in Columbus, OH

Well hello, blog. Long time, no see.

It's been awhile since I've had a single moment to catch up on my blog! Last I left you, I was just beginning to document my trip to Columbus over the summer. I thought I'd summarize the rest in this post.

As mentioned previously, my "foodie" goal during this trip was to hit up as many of my favorites in Columbus as possible, starting with Jeni's and Northstar CafĂ©.

On my second day in town I got to meet up with a friend at Cap City Diner in Grandview, probably the most casual of the Cameron Mitchell dynasty of restaurants in Columbus. (Even then, it is not that casual.) The decor has a "retro" atmosphere though the food is a combination of classic and modern flavors. I had the Ponzu Glazed Salmon and a few bites of my friend's fiancĂ©'s 24K Carrot Cake which he swore is the best thing ever. It was, indeed, quite good.

Ponzu Glazed Salmon at Cap City Diner (Columbus)
Ponzu Glazed Salmon

24K Carrot Cake at Cap City Diner (Columbus)
24K Carrot Cake

I also made sure to pay a visit to The Refectory, a fine-dine restaurant housed in a former church that serves modern French cuisine. I remember being told when I first moved to Columbus that The Refectory was one of the fanciest and best restaurants in town. Living under fairly meager means at the time, it took me six years to finally make it there on a special occasion. I wanted to make it back there this trip; my tastebuds are glad I did.

The Refectory (Columbus)
The Refectory

Scarborough Pear at Refectory (Columbus)
Scarborough Pear

Complimentary Greens at Refectory (Columbus)
Complimentary Mixed Greens with Maple Syrup

Duck at Refectory (Columbus)
Duck served with candied fruits, sage, scalloped potatoes, bacon-wrapped
haricot vert topped with carrot slices and beets

Finally, I squeezed in a meal at Spagio in the heart of Grandview, one of my go-to spots when I used to live close by. Part of Spagio's appeal is its cozy wine lounge which is always a great "grown-up" place to grab a drink with friends. I did not take advantage of the wine bar this time around as I was about to embark on a long drive, but what I did take advantage of was the outdoor patio on this warm summer day, the Seafood Stew and the reminiscing of the "good old days" more than compensating for the lack of alcohol.

Seafood Stew at Spagio (Columbus)
Seafood Stew

Restaurant Info:

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