Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forgotten Taste Famous Pierogies (Wexford)

Forgotten Taste Famous Pierogies is a curious little shop.  I have never seen a restaurant more unassuming than this place, where the only sign above the restaurant says "pierogies," with the actual name of the restaurant nowhere to be found.  In fact, I had driven past this place on a number of occasions, assuming it was just a simple take-out place.  I mean, what restaurant doesn't have a name?  Well, Forgotten Taste does take-outs, but there is also seating available for dining in.

So how did I find out it was more than a take-out shop (and that it has a name)?  Well, a review of by Kelly Burgess came out in the Pine-Richland Patch last Friday, concurring that it is the best pierogies in, Western Pennsylvania.  I happened to be looking for lunch options, so within two hours, I was at Forgotten Taste, thinking I could then go right next door afterwards to Yum for some froyo.  Perfect plan. :)

The atmosphere is pretty minimalistic with several tables on the inside.  There is a patio out back overlooking Rt. 19, but no seating.  There are, however, two small tables at the front of the restaurant facing the parking lot.  You order from the cashier, and your food is served on styrofoam plates on a red plastic food court tray.

Based on Burgess' recommendation, I ordered the Hot Sausage Goulash over Pierogi.  The goulash was as good as Burgess had promised.  The pierogies were also cooked to perfection; the wrapper tastes fresh and perfectly al dente, unlike some soggy versions I've had in the past (there is nothing worse than overcooked pierogies!), while the cheese and potato filling was also fabulous.  This place really does serve up some tasty pierogies.  It wasn't until I had already placed my order that I saw the sign saying that they can either boil or deep fry the pierogies.  Next time, I'm trying them deep fried, though I must say the boiled version was a lot better than I had expected.  Also, if you happen to be in the area on Monday and Wednesdays, you can get a meal for a discount price of $4.99, which is a great price for great food.  There is also another location in Cranberry and a take-out location in Moon Township.

Hot Sausage Goulash over Pierogies
Hot Sausage Goulash over Pierogi ($7.49)

Restaurant info:
Forgotten Taste Famous Pierogies
11978 Perry Hwy, Wexford, PA 15090
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