Sunday, January 8, 2012

Inatei Japanese Restaurant (Toronto - Richmond Hill)

Continuing with my dining excursions in the northern suburbs of Toronto, where I described in my last post as having an abundance of restaurants serving East Asian cuisine, I had lunch one day at Inatei Japanese Restaurant in Richmond Hill with my siblings, which I would venture to say is one of the better Japanese restaurants in the northern suburbs.

I ordered a sashimi and sushi set lunch, which comes with a chef's selection of sashimi, my choice of two hand rolls, a salad, and miso soup.  I don't have a photo of the miso soup, but it was very delicious, not powdery like many other restaurant miso soups I've had.  The salad is far better than expected, as many Japanese restaurants offer iceberg lettuce while Inatei's version was, like, a real salad:

Salad at Inatei
Salad (Complementary)

The chef's choice sashimi was deliciously satisfying.  Unfortunately, I took this photo from the wrong angle, so you'll have to imagine a couple of pieces of mackerel on the other side of the salmon, tuna, and octopus:

Sashimi at Inatei
Sashimi (part of a lunch set, $12.99)

As part of my lunch set I also had a choice of two hand rolls.  I picked salmon and eel (the eel costs a little extra - but I love eel!):

Eel and Salmon Handrolls at Inatei
Eel and Salmon Hand Rolls (part of a lunch set, $12.99)

In addition, I also ordered the uni nigiri sushi a la carte, which comes with two pieces:

Uni Sushi at Inatei
Uni Nigiri Sushi ($7.99)

As part of his meal, my brother order a spider roll to share:

Spider Roll at Inatei
Spider Roll ($7.50)

We ended our meal with a choice of ice cream on the house.  My pick was sesame - yum!

Sesame Ice Cream at Inatei
Sesame Ice Cream (Complimentary)

This meal was a much needed sushi fix and the food was delicious.  The offerings at Inatei are pretty standard for Japanese restaurants, but while the prices at Inatei are slightly higher than the other sushi restaurants in the neighborhood, its better quality makes it well worth the price.

Restaurant info:
Inatei Japanese Restaurant
9021 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

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