Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tin Front Café (Homestead)

Last week, R. and I visited the family-owned, family-run, all-vegetarian Tin Front Café in Homestead for the first time.  I had known of Tin Front Café since last September when I attended the Waterfront Food & Wine Tasting event and tried their delicious award-winning chili.  I was glad to finally have the chance to visit the actual restaurant!

On this night, it had just gotten warm enough to sit out in the courtyard in the back, so we did.  The first thing  that caught my attention was the cute decor on the wall, sculpted by the owner's stepfather, David Lewis:

Tin Front Cafe patio
Tin Front Cafe's Patio

For our meal, we decided to first split the Butternut Bisque, with basil and coconut milk.  We were pleasantly surprised when our bisque came already split for us into two smaller cups. What a nice touch!

Butternut Bisque with Basil and Coconut Milk at Tin Front Cafe
Butternut Bisque ($3.75)
Photo shows half of an order

There was also a complimentary salad that accompanied each entree:

Salad at Tin Front Cafe

For his entree, R. ordered the Carrot Ginger Risotto that sits in portabello cap and atop some sauteed spinach.

Carrot Ginger Risotto at Tin Front Cafe
Carrot Ginger Risotto ($12.95)

While R. thought his entree was great (it was - I tried it too), he couldn't stop digging his fork into my Butternut Squash Lasagna, which was served in a basil bechamel sauce.  His rude behavior was completely understandable, however.  This cheesy lasagna was the perfect marriage of sweet and savory; it was decidedly the best lasagna we've both had in our lives!

Butternut Squash Lasagna at Tin Front Cafe
Butternut Squash Lasagna ($13.95)
Also goes by the name "Pure Heaven"

Beyond the lovingly-prepared food, I also adore the simple, friendly, down-home atmosphere at Tin Front Café.  While owner Daniel Valentine worked in the kitchen, his mother took excellent care of the patrons.  It was a lovely first visit that exceeded all my expectations, and we will be back again for sure.

And next time, I'll need to come a little earlier to check out the attached Annex Cookery, run by mom Judith Tener-Lewis, which sells some interesting art and kitchen gadgets.

Restaurant info:
The Tin Front Café
216 East 8th Ave, Homestead, PA 15120
(412) 461-4615
On the web:
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Bonus: Free Wifi

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