Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mediterrano (Millvale)

Confession: I am not a big fan of lamb.

I have always found lamb to have a distinctively odd taste that's really difficult to describe in words, but whatever that taste is, I find it rather unpalatable.  As such, I typically pay little attention to lamb entrees on a menu since I'd hate to waste good money on something I might not like.

So when Señorita Cibulka and I went to Mediterrano a little while ago, I wasn't planning on ordering lamb.

But the special just sounded soooo good:  Sugar and clove crusted lamb chops from a local farm, served with a fig balsamic glaze and root vegetable medley.  Our waiter talked it up, too, so I was tempted.  Besides, I have had some surprisingly positive experience with lamb recently, and Mediterrano had come highly recommended to me, so I figured it was probably worth the gamble this time.

And that was the story of how I ordered lamb for the first time in my life.

Lamb Special at Mediterrano
Lamb Special

My entree was good.  Very good, in fact, even though I could still detect a bit of the "odd" taste I dislike in most lamb, but the meat was tender and cooked to absolute perfection.  It was a strange combination of "I don't like this weird taste in the lamb but I really like this dish so I'm going to eat it."  I cleaned my plate.  And could have eaten more.

Señorita Cibulka also ordered a lamb dish: Arni Souvlaki, or grilled lamb skewers with onions and peppers with rice and pita.  I had a bite of this for comparison, and surprisingly it had none of the "odd" lamb taste (and it was delicious).  I'm not sure what the difference is, whether it's in the cooking method, the cut of meat, or the individual lamb, but the lamb in this dish was definitely different from the lamb chops I had.

Arni Souvlaki at Mediterrano
Arni Souvlaki

In any case, we both agreed that Mediterrano served up a tremendous meal, and the decor is cute and warm as well.  Honestly, Señorita Cibulka and I have never had a bad meal together, and I hope our good fortune (and friendship) continues for years to come.

In the meantime, I will look forward to my return visit to Mediterrano.


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