Friday, August 31, 2012

Tyma'z Mediterranean House (West View)

UPDATE (11/25/12): Tyma'z is now closed.

Some time ago I had the opportunity to check out Tyma'z in West View.  Tyma'z is a small, unassuming Middle Eastern eatery that sits along a stretch of Rochester Road where you wouldn't necessarily expect to find a restaurant.  Honestly, I didn't even know it existed until my dining companion suggested it, and I might have completely driven past it on my way there had my GPS not confidently directed me to its whereabouts.

Tyma'z is your casual, no-frills neighborhood spot.  The decor is simple, maybe even a bit dated, but inviting.  Tyma'z doesn't try to pretend to be anything other than a solid place to grab a bite of fresh, homemade Middle Eastern food.  My Beef Shawarma was tender and perfectly spiced; it is a "house favorite" for a good reason.  I also enjoyed the complimentary hummus, the Falafel appetizer, and a bite of my friend's Vegetarian Bazila.  The service was friendly as well.

It's hard not to draw some immediate comparisons between Tyma'z and the nearby Mediterrano, though there are some important differences between the two.  Mediterrano has a stronger focus on Greek cuisine, while the chef-owner of Tyma'z is from Syria which is reflected in the menu options.  In addition, the atmosphere is completely different; Mediterrano is the more upscale and Tyma'z the more down-to-earth between the two.  This is also reflected in the price points of the two restaurants.

In sum, I had a good first impression of Tyma'z and I think it is a good option for Middle Eastern food in the North Hills.

Complimentary Hummus at Tyma'z
Complimentary Hummus

Falafel at Tyma'z
Falafel ($5)

Beef Shawarma at Tyma'z
Beef Shawarma ($17)

Vegetarian Bazila at Tyma'z
Vegetarian Bazila ($13)

Restaurant info:
Tyma'z Mediterranean House
96 Rochester Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15229
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