Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Supper Club (Greensburg)

The Supper Club in Greensburg is one of the more unique dining establishments I have had the pleasure to experience (twice!) lately.  Housed in a historic train station that continues to service Amtrak, I was immediately in awe by its charming facade and elegant interior.

The Supper Club
The Supper Club, at dusk

The Supper Club at Night
The Supper Club, at night

The Supper Club at Night 2
The Supper Club, at night

Inside The Supper Club
Inside The Supper Club

Speaking of the interior, it is divided into a gastropub area (shown above), the dining room, and additional space up in the loft overlooking the gastropub which I'd imagine is for private or large parties.  The Supper Club offers a reasonably-priced gastropub menu, a pricier Farm to Table menu, and a special Chef's Tasting menu for which, I believe, special advanced arrangements must be made.

The food, from appetizers to desserts to the daily entree special, was generally interesting, tasty, and all-round fantastic.

Morel Mushroom and Goat Cheese Toasts at The Supper Club
Morel Mushroom and Goat Cheese Toasts

Mahi Mahi Special at The Supper Club
Mahi Mahi Special

Farm to Table Five Star Burger at The Supper Club
Farm to Table Five Star Burger
(Or as R. called it, "The Best Burger I've Ever Had in My Life.")

Asparagus Ham Goat Cheese & Chive Pizza at The Supper Club
Asparagus, Ham, Goat Cheese, & Chive Pizza

Cake Brulee at The Supper Club
Cake Brulee
(Like Creme Brulee, but with chunks of caramelized cake) 

White Chocolate Macademia Cheesecake at The Supper Club
White Chocolate Macademia Cheesecake

Fruit Crisp at The Supper Club
Fruit Crisp
(Served with homemade creme fraiche gelato)

Though we did meet with some slow service on one of our visits, we were generally pleased with our friendly and professional waiter.  He was fun, knowledgeable, and made a definite impression on us.  All in all, The Supper Club is an excellent restaurant with character.

Restaurant info:
The Supper Club
101 Ehalt St, Greensburg, PA 15601
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