Saturday, December 22, 2012

Zozo's Pub (Greensburg)

Update (4/26/2013): Zozo's Pub is closed.

We met up for dinner with some friends who live in Greensburg and they suggested Zozo's Pub.  Despite its name, and the connotation that comes with "pub food," Zozo's Pub is really much more than "just a pub."

First off, Zozo's Pub has a fun, hip atmosphere, as these photos from Zozo's Facebook page can testify.  Secondly, the food is excellent.  Though featuring casual fare like sandwiches and burgers, each dish is thoughtfully crafted and made well.

R. and I shared a Sweet Corn Risotto Cake appetizer.  The risotto cake was made with a nice balance of corn and parmesan, and the light panko breading gave it a perfectly crunchy texture that didn't feel too heavy or filling.  The cake was topped with parmesan crisps, which was a nice touch.

Sweet Corn Risotto Cake at Zozo's Pub
Sweet Corn Risotto Cake ($7.95)

Our waitress seemed like she was new, as she appeared young and was rather forgetful.  She had submitted the wrong order for my meal, though she had caught the error herself prior to serving our meals.  Because my real order of Pig Burger was put in later than everyone else's order, the waitress gave me some free Pig "Wings" while I waited.  These Pig Wings were wing-sized pork tenderloin strips wrapped in bacon and grilled with a lovely Asian barbecue sauce, served atop coleslaw.  These were quite good as well.

Pig Wings at Zozo's Pub
Pig "Wings" ($6.95)

I was quite full by the time my Pig Burger finally arrived, but I still manage to eat half of it because was absolutely delicious!  The patty was made with juicy sweet Spanish sausage, and served with grilled apple slices, bacon, and smoked gouda cheese.  It was easily one of the best burgers I've ever had.  The side of Sweet Potato Wedges was generous in proportion and chock full of flavor.

Pig Burger at Zozo's Pub
Pig Burger ($9.95)

Sweet Potato Wedges at Zozo's Pub
Maple Butter Sweet Potato Wedges

Despite the waitress's mistake, we had a fabulous meal at Zozo's Pub.  I will be back!

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Zozo's Pub
1517 Broad St, Greensburg, PA 15601
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