Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Steer and Wheel (Mobile)

The Steer and Wheel
The Steer & Wheel

It seems that awesome new food trucks just keep popping up in Pittsburgh! One relative newcomer that began roaming about Pittsburgh earlier this year is The Steer & Wheel, serving up high quality burgers made from freshly truck-ground, all-natural local beef and toasted buns sourced from a local bakery. I have enjoyed The Steer & Wheel's burgers on several occasions, some of which I share below, and I can vouch that the burgers are always juicy, flavorful, and with toppings that serve as a great complement. The menu changes often with the occasional special thrown in. Also, I love word plays, so The Steer & Wheel gets an extra point in my book for its clever name. :-)

Truly, this is some of the best burgers in town—and we have a lot of excellent burgers here in Pittsburgh. I only wish that I can have one anytime I wanted!

Curly's Truffle at The Steer and Wheel
Curly's Truffle
Truffle mayo, horseradish cheddar, tomato, and red onion,
on brioche

Bacon Squared at The Steer and Wheel
Bacon Squared
Balsamic bacon jam, chive cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and bacon, on an onion roll

Kelly's Burger at The Steer and Wheel
Kelly's Burger
Field greens, tomatoes, white cheddar, grain mustard, on an English muffin

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