Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bocktown Beer and Grill (Robinson)

Being a non-beer drinker, Bocktown isn't a place I would normally frequent, but a lot of my beer-drinking friends love the place, so when I was looking for a non-chain restaurant near the airport that would be open on a Sunday to celebrate my birthday way back in January, I figured Bocktown would be a good bet.  To my disappointment, my first experience there wasn't superb.  (Maybe the kitchen had an off day??)

But all my friends can't be wrong, right?  I know, I know, they like Bocktown for the beer, but I felt like there's gotta be something redeeming about the food, right?  Especially when foodie friend Foodburgh Mike, who happened to be one of my birthday dinner guests, had given the place a positive review on his blog.

I was more than willing to go back to Bocktown and give it another try.  My chance finally came two weeks ago when fellow foodie blogger Suburghia Foodie invited me and another foodie tweep Leogurl out to Localfest 2011 at Bocktown (more on Localfest on my next post) and we decided to meet inside the restaurant beforehand for dinner.  I ordered the Port Authority, a portabella mushroom sandwich with coleslaw, pickles, onion crisps, topped with Bocktown's "Untouchable Sauce," which was actually quite tasty.  At my dining companions' suggestion, I also ordered the Flat Belly Fries for the table and chose the Beer Cheese and Peppered Bacon toppings.  The fries were fabulous and yes, I even enjoyed the beer cheese.

Port Authority at Bocktown
The Port Authority ($7.99)

Flat Belly Fries at Bocktown
Flat Belly Fries with Beer Cheese and Peppered Bacon ($3.99)

The second time was definitely the charm, and I was a happy camper this time around.  I also enjoy the fun atmosphere there.  My impression of Bocktown improved even more after Localfest, so read on...

Restaurant info:
Bocktown Beer and Grill
690 Chauvet Dr, North Fayette Twp, PA 152725
On the web: http://www.bocktown.com
On twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bocktown
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bocktown

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