Friday, September 16, 2011

Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant (Pittsburgh): Take Two

One of my favorite pasttimes is trying new restaurants.  Many of these restaurants I end up liking a lot and vowing to return, but with 124 restaurants currently on my wish list, 86 of which are in the Pittsburgh area, it often takes me a little while to go back to a restaurant I had been to and enjoyed, despite the best of intentions.  (*blush*)  Franklin Inn is one restaurant in this category.

Franklin Inn holds a special place in my heart as it was the restaurant featured in my inaugural post on this blog back on February 28. It had been on the back of my mind as a place I needed to revisit, and I finally had the chance a couple of weeks ago when a friend and I decided to meet up for dinner and the North Hills area was a convenient location for both of us.

Announcing to the public that you're about to visit a restaurant means people will chime in about that restaurant.  Danina from Bite Bistro recommended the Chorizo Burrito at Franklin Inn, so I figured I couldn't go wrong with that!  The chorizo inside this burrito is a special blend made for Franklin Inn, and it came with tomatoes, onions, and cheese.  For the sides I opted for a side salad and the black beans and corn.  I had heard some complaints about the chorizo burrito being too cheesy, but mine was perfectly fine.  Everything tasted great.

Chorizo Burrito at Franklin Inn
Chorizo Burrito ($11.95)

And then, because I couldn't resist (as usual), I got a dessert.  I was oscillating between the Fried Ice Cream and the Caramel Flan (made from a special family recipe), and ended up choosing the Fried Ice Cream with chocolate sauce.  I was quite pleasantly surprised by this.  The ice cream had the flavor of natural vanilla beans and the crust wasn't thick and hard like some other fried ice cream I've had in the past.

Fried Ice Cream at Franklin Inn
Fried Ice Cream ($4.95)

It was another enjoyable meal at Franklin Inn.  I'll be back again. :)

Restaurant Info:
Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant
2313 Rochester Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
On twitter:!/FranklinInn
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