Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tavern 245 (Downtown)

I had the opportunity to check out Tavern 245 downtown a couple weeks ago.  For dinner, I ordered a Spicy Veggie Wrap and a cup of the Tomato Mushroom Basil Soup.  The wrap was surprisingly good. The veggies were fresh, the flavors well balanced, and the spiciness did not overwhelm the veggies.

Spicy Veggie Wrap at Tavern 245
Spicy Veggie Wrap

But it was the Tomato Mushroom Basil Soup that stole the show!  What a great combination of flavors done extremely well.  The portion was also larger than I expected as this was the smaller of the two sizes available.   I don't know what else to say about the soup except that it was absolutely perfect.

Tomato Mushroom Basil Soup at Tavern 245
Tomato Mushroom Soup (cup)

On this night, a representative from Full Pint Brewing was also present, offering several beer tastings.  I tried two of them:  The Festivus and the White Lightning.  I quite liked the White Lightning, which has a hint of citrus to it.  And it takes a lot for me to say that I like a beer, as I am not a fan of most beer and only recently started exploring different varieties of beer and learning more about what I like and what I don't like.

I'd have to admit, I walked into Tavern 245 not knowing what to expect of the food, but ended up being rather pleased with my experience.

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Tavern 245
245 Fourth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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