Friday, November 4, 2011

Charcuterie Plate

Inspired by the Strip District food tour I took several weeks ago, my meal at Elements, and our trip to Italy back in the summer, I decided to fix my own charcuterie plate for dinner one night.  I thought it would be something different and fun, and R. was excited about the idea, so off to the Strip District I went for my meats, cheeses, spreads, and desserts.


Parma Sausage was probably my favorite stop during the Strip District food tour, and I specifically wanted to come back here for the meat portion of my charcuterie plate. Along with the really amazing Hot Soppresata, I also got 1/4 lb each of the Coppa Secca, Prosciutto, and Pancetta.


The Strip District food tour also introduced me to the cheese counter at Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.  With so many options, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, but the gentleman at the counter was superbly helpful and offered samples to help with my decision.  Because I had to buy at least 1/2 lb of each type of cheese, I only got two kinds:  The Smoked Gouda, a Dutch cheese that R. requested, and the Pastore Sini, a sheep's milk cheese from Italy aged in white and red wine that reminded me of the pecorino cheese we had in Italy.


I also stopped by The Berry Patch stand inside the Pittsburgh Public Market to check out their jellies and butters.  Once again, the choices were abundant and the samples free.  I chose the Cabernet Wine Jelly because I thought it would go well with the cheeses (R. absolutely LOVED this one), as well as the Pumpkin Butter because I just absolutely couldn't resist.


For dessert, I picked up some Pumpkin Walnut and Ginger Almond biscotti at Enrico Biscotti and and Almond Mele and an Apple Mele from Colangelo's Bakery.

The end result?  R.'s comment summed it up quite well: "You're a good cook even when you're not cooking."


Thanks, Parma SausagePenn MacThe Berry PatchEnrico Biscotti, and Colangelo's Bakery!

Charcuterie Plate
Charcuterie Plate

Biscotti from Enrico's and Mele from Colangelo's
Dessert.  R. ate half of a biscotti before I got a picture. Ugh.