Friday, May 17, 2013

Three Meat Chili

Three Meat Chili
Three Meat Chili with ground venison, beef sirloin steak, and Italian pork sausage

In addition to all the venison, we also recently got some 20+ pounds of grass-fed beef from a cow we shared with family. To be honest, I was vehemently against the cow-sharing idea, because I don't normally eat this much red meat and we already have way too much meat for two people, but somehow the beef landed in our freezer anyway...

So what to do with all this chow? A friend suggested a particularly meat-heavy Paleo Chili recipe from Paleo Table, so I thought I'd give it a try. The recipe calls for ground beef, sirloin steak, and Italian sausage, but I substituted the ground beef with ground venison instead. I can't quite claim that the chili I made is Paleo since I used regular, dairy-containing sour cream, so I thought the name "Three Meat Chili" would be more appropriate, because my version uses three kinds of meat: venison, beef, and pork.

What's distinctive about this recipe is that it uses butternut squash as a replacement for beans (because beans are non-Paleo). I love butternut squash (and not so much beans), so I thought this was an excellent idea. R. likes butternut squash as well but missed having beans in his chili - a Paleo follower he is not.

The olive-avocado-sour cream-onion-jalapeño garnish is a great addition as well. It is very different from anything I've even put on chili, but the creaminess gives provides a nice contrast against the spiced chili.

I definitely think this is one recipe I will use again if I ever feel like something meaty!

Recipe courtesy of:
Paleo Table (get the recipe here)