Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fino Restaurant (San Francisco)

On our third night in San Francisco, I met up with two of my childhood friends who now live there—one I hadn't seen in 24 years!! She also happens to be a regular at Fino, located inside The Andrews Hotel in Nob Hill, and suggested that we meet there.

The atmosphere at Fino is classy yet cozy. Not sure if it was my friend-the-regular-patron's influence or if the staff at Fino is just naturally awesome (I'm leaning towards the latter), but our other friend had run into some unexpected major traffic delays on her way to meet us (not surprising in the Bay Area, as I can definitely attest to even in my brief time there!) and we ended up starting our meal much later than our reservation time, but the staff was super cool about it even though it looked to be a busy evening for them. My friend loves the linguini there and orders it every time. I decided to go the pasta route as well and ordered the Fettuccine con Prosciutto e Funghi ($15) or fresh fettuccine with prosciutto and mushrooms, as well as tomatoes and garlic, in a creamy tomato sauce. It was simple, but fresh and delicious—better than some of the meals I had in Italy. R. liked his pizza as well. Unfortunately, I was much too full for desserts, but it was a lovely meal with a precious opportunity to catch up with old friends, which was sweet enough.

Fettuccine con Prosciutto e Funghi at Fino (San Francisco)
Fettuccine con Prosciutto e Funghi

Restaurant info:
Fino Restaurant
624 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 928-2080

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