Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hog Island Oyster Company (San Francisco)

R. was busy with a work thing on the Saturday of our trip, so I decided to check out the Ferry Building on my own, which I knew would be busy because of the farmer's market there that day. Unfortunately, time was tight so I didn't have time to explore the market too much, but from what I could tell it was huge and impressive!

While at the Ferry Building, I did manage to grab some lunch at Hog Island Oyster Company. It really was the perfect plan, since I LOVE oysters and R. doesn't (what a crazy man!). Lunching alone also worked out nicely in this case because it was a Saturday and there was a massive line outside waiting for a table, but being a party of one, I was able to be seated at one of bars right away!

Hog Island Oyster Company (San Francisco)
View of another bar area from my seat

Perhaps it was the freedom of being on my own and doing and eating whatever the heck I wanted, but I'll admit I kind of went all out on this meal. I started out with an order of a raw Oyster Bar Mix ($20) which consisted of one each of the day's oysters, largely because I just wanted to try everything. The oysters of that day were: Hog Island Sweetwater (Pacific; Tomales Bay, CA), Redwood Curtain Kumamoto (Kumamoto; Humboldt Bay, CA), Hog Island Cliffside (Pacific; Discovery Bay, WA), Sea Cow (Pacific; Hammersley Inlet, WA), and Northern Cross (Atlantic; Ballard Point, VA).

Oyster Bar Mix at Hog Island Oyster Company (San Francisco)
Oyster Bar Mix

I also got the Casino Grilled Oysters ($13 for 4 oysters) with butter, Spanish paprika, bacon, shallots, and thyme. I loved the raw oysters, but I thought the grilled oysters were divine beyond words.

Casino Grilled Oysters at Hog Island Oyster Company (San Francisco)
Casino Grilled Oysers

As I was enjoying my lunch, I noticed a cute older couple sitting next to me enjoying what looked like an oyster chowder. I was intrigued. They told me it was an Oyster Stew ($12) that used to be on the menu but for some reason is now off-menu. The woman used to live in San Francisco, and even though they live out in Arizona now, they come back every year and most look forward to this meal at Hog Island Oyster Company! Their revelation told me two things: first, that I had absolutely picked the right place to eat, and second, that I could not leave there without trying some of that oyster stew!!

And so I did. And it was exquisite. With five large oysters, it was plenty filling, too.

Oyster Stew at Hog Island Oyster Company (San Francisco)
Oyster Stew (off-menu)

Oyster Stew at Hog Island Oyster Company (San Francisco)
Oyster Stew with massive oyster

What can I say except that this was hands down the best meal I had in San Francisco!

Restaurant info:
Hog Island Oyster Company
1 Ferry Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 391-7117
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