Sunday, July 3, 2011

Double Wide Grill (South Side)

A few colleagues and I had been talking about doing Happy Hour since April, and we finally made it out to Double Wide Grill one night a couple weeks ago.  The weather was gorgeous so we got ourselves a table outside on the spacious, covered patio, which I found to be just perfect for a fun, relaxing time.  The restaurant has an old gas station theme, which is a bit quirky, but not in a bad way.  I'm not into old gas stations, but I found myself really liking the atmosphere they set up there.

Double Wide Grill has a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, particularly beer, but considering I'm not big on beer I focused mostly on other types of drinks.  When I saw the Pink Flamingo, which was a cosmopolitan with cherry, it was simply too tempting to pass:

Pink Flamingo at Double Wide Grill
Pink Flamingo

I was also pleasantly surprised to find a large selection of vegetarian options on the dinner menu, especially for a bar.  I'm not vegetarian, but I like it when a restaurant makes an attempt to be inclusive, and for a bar, that is even more impressive.  I decided to go for the Caribbean Coconut Tofu, a vegan and wheat-free item, just because I love coconut and I love tofu, so I figured I can't go wrong here!

Caribbean Coconut Tofu at Double Wide Grill
Caribbean Coconut Tofu ($11.29)

The tofu was fried crispy on the outside, served with a Caribbean onion and coconut rum sauce, caramelized onion cilantro rice, and veggies.  I liked it enough to clear the plate. :)  My dining companions weren't too crazy about their food, however, both of which were appetizers (portabella and nachos).  Guess I lucked out.  I had also read a lot complaints about their service, but we had no problems whatsoever.  Guess we lucked out in that department as well!  Despite possibly inconsistent quality, this is a cool enough place that I would come back again and give it another try.

Restaurant info:
Double Wide Grill
2339 E. Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
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