Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Square Cafe (Regent Square)

Square Cafe in Regent Square is one of the places I've heard people rave about but never had a chance to visit, partly because Regent Square isn't a neighborhood I happen to frequent (this was in fact my very first visit) and because my usual dining out occurs closer to 6 or 7 pm, so I rarely find the chance to check out day-time restaurants.  I had jumped on the chance for a Groupon for Square Cafe a few months ago thinking this would finally force me to make a trip out there, and that it did.

I made plans for brunch last Friday with a friend from work who lives in that area.  We had been talking about going for several months now, but with our busy schedules and unavailable weekends, we just kept putting it off until now.  The first thing that struck me about Square Cafe is the brightly colored walls, which, as someone who appreciates bold colors (I did paint my kitchen red after all), I quite enjoyed.  It gave off a fun and friendly vibe.  I opened the menu, but it didn't take long for me to decide what I wanted - I can almost never resist crepes!  So I ordered the Creamy Salmon and Roasted Tomato Crepe, which was so delicious it made me want to go back as soon as I was done!  It was probably a little heavy for the toasty summer day that it was and a little too much food I wanted to be eating at that hour, but I gobbled up every last bite it was worth it.

Creamy Salmon and Roasted Tomato Crepe at Square Cafe
Creamy Salmon and Roasted Tomato Crepe ($9.50)

Friend from Work, who is a Square Cafe regular and probably knows the menu by heart, got the Oatmeal Pancakes, which she described as "delightful."  After brunch, we took a quick stroll down Braddock Avenue, and took a peek into a couple of restaurants that are on my wish list.  Sometime in August we really hope to get together with our other friend from work, who happens to read this blog (Hi Liz!) and do dinner at the very new Root 174 just a couple doors down in the old Legume space.  And then of course there is Green Mango, which I really need to visit one of these days because I just love Thai food.  So many good restaurants, so little time!

Restaurant info:
Square Cafe
1137 S. Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
On the web:  http://www.square-cafe.com
On Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/TheSquareCafe
On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SquareCafe

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