Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen (Regent Square)

Update: Alma will be closing as of November 3, 2013.

Since the summer when I had heard about its impending opening, I had been closely following the news (i.e., Twitter feed) about Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen.  After it opened, Señorita Cibulka and I had also talked about going there, and we both finally had the opportunity to check it it out a few weeks ago.

Alma sits at the corner of Forbes and S. Braddock Avenues, at the site of the former Calli's.  I had never been to Calli's (or to this part of Regent Square...or Swissvale or Point Breeze, whichever name you prefer to call the area), but it seems every time I mention Alma, I am told that it used to be Calli's, so I thought it would be worth mentioning.  I'm not sure what the space used to look like, but I like what Alma did to the decor, which is bright and comfortable.

I had browsed the menu online beforehand so knew exactly what I wanted for my entree:  the Arepa de Vegetales con Plátanos Maduros, or arepa (corn pastry) topped with cabbage, cilantro, beets, and avocado, along with sweet plantains.  Mostly because I recently discovered a love for beets.  What an awesome dish with a great combination of an awesome price, too!

Arepa de vegetales con plátanos maduros at Alma
Arepa de Vegetales con Plátanos Maduros ($11)

I also love that Alma's menu states the country where each dish is from.  For someone (like me) who enjoys learning about different cultures, this menu is a great tool.  My arepa entree is from Colombia.

And apparently, I like Colombian food, because for dessert I chose something from Colombia as well:  Flan de Coco con Caramelo, or coconut flan with caramel sauce.

Flan de coco con caramelo at Alma
Flan de Coco con Caramelo


I think it would be safe to say that everyone in the group I was with enjoyed their meal.  The service was also top-notch.  They were more than willing to accommodate our large group, and when they messed up one of the entrees at our table, they apologized profusely, corrected the problem promptly, and took the item off the bill.  It was, all in all, a great meal.  Alma is a nice addition to the Pittsburgh food scene, for sure.

Check out Señorita Cibulka's perspective on Alma on her blog post here.

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