Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gypsy Cafe: Take Two (South Side)

UPDATE 7/15/2012: Gypsy Cafe is now closed.

I had been itching to go back to Gypsy Cafe in the South Side since my first visit there in the spring, and a friend and I finally paid a visit there a few weeks ago.

Gypsy Cafe's menu changes every season, so the savory Oxtail Borscht I had last time was no longer on their menu.  This time, I got the Szekely Goulash, partly because I have this odd penchant for trying food I can't pronounce.  The Szekely Goulash is a buttered egg noodle dish topped with pork, Hungarian paprika, bacon, onions, sauerkraut, and sour cream.  It was a huge serving, but it was so good I gobbled up the whole thing!

Szekely Goulash at Gypsy Cafe
Szekely Goulash

The Szekely Goulash came with a dinner salad as well.

Dinner Salad at Gypsy Cafe
Dinner Salad

My friend ordered two appetizers as her meal and let me share a bite of each.  On the left are the Gypsy Cevapcici Meatballs, and I forget what exactly was on the other thing she ordered (my memory gets fuzzy after a few weeks) but both were very good.

Appetizers at Gypsy Cafe

Unfortunately, due to a host of family health issues, Gypsy Cafe announced in August that it is up for sale.  I don't know what the current status is regarding the sale, and who knows if the restaurant will remain the same once a new owner takes over?  Should the restaurant close, it would be a huge loss to the South Side food scene, for sure.

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Gypsy Café
1330 Bingham Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 
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