Saturday, February 25, 2012

Andy's Sushi Bar (Strip District)

Last weekend was full of great meals...where do I even start?  On Saturday, I made my usual trip to the Strip District during the daytime, and decided to get some lunch from Andy's Sushi Bar right inside the entrance at Wholey's.  I had heard a lot about this little sushi bar, but this was my first time trying Andy's sushi.  Andy definitely has a lot of fans; the line was super long, but it was fun watching Andy's mad skills in sushi making and his commentary while he hands out free samples of spring rolls to those waiting in line.  (Thanks, Andy!)

Andy's menu is posted above the kiosk, but he is very flexible and would be happy to make whatever your heart desires.

Andy hard at work at Andy's Sushi Bar
Andy working his magic

I had been intrigued by the two specials he had up on his little chalkboard:  Tuna and Kiwi and Salmon and Mango.  Both are maki rolls.  I figured I'd order one of each, only to realize as I watch him make them that they were HUGE.  But both were delicious!

Tuna and Kiwi Maki at Andy's Sushi Bar
Tuna and Kiwi Maki

Tuna and Kiwi Maki at Andy's Sushi Bar
Tuna and Kiwi Maki

Salmon and Mango Maki at Andy's Sushi Bar
Salmon and Mango Maki, topped with fresh mint

Tuna and Kiwi Maki and Salmon and Mango Maki at Andy's Sushi Bar
My really big lunch

While I loved both rolls, I did like the Salmon and Mango one better.  I even managed to get R. to try a piece (he's not a sushi fan) and he loved it!  There was so much sushi that I just couldn't finish it all, but Andy mentioned something about the way he cooks the rice makes it stay fresh longer, so it would be still OK to eat any leftovers.  I was quite impressed by this as I've never been able to make my sushi rice last more than a day before it gets hard.  But Andy was right though, as I saved half the sushi for lunch the next day, and I couldn't really tell it was day-old sushi.

All in all, Andy gives you great sushi and great entertainment inside Wholey's.  I'll be back.

As a bit of an aside, I had also just gotten a new camera last weekend (so exciting!!) so I was a little snap-happy.  As we were approaching Wholey's, we saw the signs on the side (along 17th Street) advertising some of the meats available.  At the top of each sign is the Chinese translation:

Signs outside Wholey's
Signs outside Wholeys on 17th

I don't know how I've never noticed this before, but Dear Wholey's, the Chinese characters above this particular sign for striped bass doesn't say what you think it says...

Sign outside Wholey's
A case of reverse-Engrish at Wholey's

(Ahem...the Chinese characters mean "low pitch" know, as in a "bass sound," not the fish.  Love you still, but thanks for the giggles.) ;)

Restaurant info:
Andy's Sushi Bar
1711 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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