Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cafe Beignet (New Orleans - French Quarter, Musical Legends Park)

Bourbon Street in New Orleans' French Quarter is...interesting, to say the least.  But the coolest spot on Bourbon Street, in my humble opinion, is the Musical Legends Park, where live jazz fills the air all day long starting at 10:00 a.m.

Musical Legends Park in New Orleans
Musical Legends Park on Bourbon Street

The live jazz is cool.  But what makes the Musical Legends Park even cooler is the fact that it also houses Cafe Beignet.

Cafe Beignet actually has two different locations in the French Quarter; the other one is an indoor cafe on Royal Street.  R. and I visited the location at Musical Legends Park to enjoy some Sunday morning jazz along with our breakfast.

Menu at Cafe Beignet (New Orleans)
Cafe Beignet's Menu

Sign at Cafe Beignet (New Orleans)

T-shirt at Cafe Beignet (New Orleans)
T-shirt at Cafe Beignet

The line to order was quite a bit longer than I had expected as there was only one cashier on this busy day.  Although Cafe Beignet serves more than beignets, I felt obligated to try their beignets anyway, since it seems that would be their signature item.  We sat at one of the covered tables outside and took in the atmosphere.

Beignets at Cafe Beignet (New Orleans)
Beignets ($2.99)

Beignet at Cafe Beignet (New Orleans)

The fresh beignets were satisfying.  Not quite Cafe du Monde good, in my opinion (I found the ones at Cafe Beignet to be denser), but I think it is highly a matter of personal preference as you'll find many who like Cafe Beignet better. I do think Cafe du Monde's cafe au lait wins, however. On the other hand, for a relaxing atmosphere and jazz entertainment, it is hard to beat Cafe Beignet.

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Cafe Beignet
311 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130
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