Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sukho Thai (Toronto)

We met up with some long time friends during our trip to Toronto. Knowing that I keep a wishlist of Toronto restaurants to try, my friends graciously let me pick the dinner venue.  (Yes, I have very good friends.) Since we all love Thai food, I thought we might check out the new Sukho Thai location on Wellington St.  I had not been to Sukho Thai, but my visit to its sister restaurant, Khao San Road, had been hugely positive, so I was looking forward to some excellent food on this outing.

Sukho Thai had opened its second location here just two weeks prior to our visit, and that may have explained some of the initial chaos we experienced: Despite having a reservation, we had a rather lengthy wait behind patrons who did not have reservations, and the six of us had to squeeze into a table meant for four.

That made eating family-style...interesting.

But all was forgiven when the food arrived, because it was simply superb.  Sukho Thai's menu features a modest selection of classic, authentic Northern Thai dishes that are all specialties of the chef-owner, Nuit Regular, who has been cooking since she was a little girl growing up in Chiang Mai.  Every dish we had was rich, flavorful, and steps ahead of similar dishes at other Thai restaurants. At Sukho Thai, you get the feeling that every dish has been carefully prepared to perfection with TLC.  At Sukho Thai, you get the feeling you're eating in Thailand.

So although space was a bit tight, we all had VERY happy stomachs that night.  Here are the dishes we shared:

Spring Rolls:

Spring Rolls at Sukho Thai (Toronto)
Spring Rolls
Crispy vegetarian rolls with glass noodles, mushrooms, carrots and beansprouts. Served
with home-made sweet and sour, garlic sauce

Sukhothai Pad Thai:

Sukhothai Pad Thai at Sukho Thai (Toronto)
Sukhothai Pad Thai
A Northern Thai version of the Pad Thai

Khao Soi:

Khao Soi at Sukho Thai (Toronto)
Khao Soi
Yellow noodles in curry gravy with green onions, coriander, and a light, crispy
noodle topping.  We had it with beef.

Gaeng Panang:

Gaeng Panang at Sukho Thai (Toronto)
Gaeng Panang
Panang curry with kaffir lime leaves, basil leaves, red and green pepers, and coconut milk.
We had this with chicken.

Gaeng Masaman:

Gaeng Masaman at Sukho Thai (Toronto)
Gaeng Masaman
Masaman curry with peanuts, potatoes, onions, shallots, coconut milk, and tamarind sauce..

Gaeng Garee:

Gaeng Garee at Sukho Thai (Toronto)
Gaeng Garee
Yellow curry with potatoes and coconut milk. We had shrimp with this.

In the end, a fun evening with good friends and good food is an excellent evening.  If you were to ask me to recommend just one Thai restaurant in Toronto, my recommendation would be Sukho Thai, without a doubt.

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Sukho Thai
52 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C9
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