Thursday, December 29, 2011

Caffe Demetre (Toronto - Richmond Hill)

This week, I'm spending a few days in Toronto with my family.  Staying in the northern suburbs means that I do a lot of my eating up in the 905 area code, but the one thing I love about Toronto is that amazing food can be had even way outside of the city limits.

On my first night in town, I invited my siblings to join me at an old, favorite haunt of mine at the corner of Hwy 7 and East Beaver Creek: Caffé Demetre.  Caffé Demetre is a dessert cafe specializing in ice cream, crepes, waffles, and other sumptuous delights.  It has been around for 20 years, with locations both in and outside of Toronto.  For as long as I've been a fan, Caffé Demetre has always been packed, especially late in the evening.  This night was no exception - we arrived at 10 pm and the waiting crowd was so large that I could barely get inside the entrance.  Our 40-minute wait was torturous because we had to endure all the mouth-watering desserts being made in the tiny kitchen area right behind where we were standing.  But at long last, we were seated.

And for as long as I've been a fan, Caffé Demetre's menu hasn't changed much, save for the prices.  I ordered the trusty Rusty Pelican crepe, with Nutello iced cream, butter-caramelo and triple fudge sauces, dark chocolate chunks, and roasted hazelnuts.  It was a highly satisfying dessert!

Rusty Pelican at Caffe Demetre
Rusty Pelican (CDN$9.85)

Lil Sis had a create-your-own crepe with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, bananas, and caramel sauce, which she had thought there was no way she could finish, but she liked it so much she cleared her plate.  Lil Bro had a slice of red velvet cake with strawberry ice cream on top, which he enjoyed as well.

If there is one oddity I had noted about this place, it is that it seems to be very short on wait staff as they were always busy and hurried, while possibly too many staff were working the kitchen as most of the time they were standing around with nothing to do.  That said, it was undoubtedly another fun night of desserts at Caffé Demetre, and despite the long wait, we enjoyed ourselves.

Restaurant info:
Caffé Demetre
100 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
See website for other locations

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