Saturday, December 24, 2011

Flavor of India by Tamarind (Cranberry): Take Two

December 21, 2011: A day I had been eagerly anticipating for over a year.  No, it has nothing to do with Christmas, or even Winter Solstice...which actually fell on December 22 this year anyway in Eastern Standard Time.  Rather, it has everything to do with my obsession with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and discovering over a year ago that this - December 21, 2011 - would be the release date of the US version of the film.

We were too busy to go see it on opening day, but my wait didn't (couldn't) last long.  On Thursday, R. and I decided to make it dinner-and-a-movie date night.  This post, naturally, is about the dinner part of the date rather than the movie part, but a little context wouldn't hurt. ;)  We were going to see the movie at the Cranberry Cinemas, and we both like Indian food, so Flavor of India by Tamarind right across the street seemed like a natural choice for us.  Besides, we loved this place the last time we came here, so it was about time we made a repeat visit.

R. ordered the Fish Curry while I got the Chicken Chettinadu, which is chicken in a spicy, coconut milk-based gravy.  The two sauces look similar to one another, but taste very different.  The curry sauce is a bit sweet compared to the Chettinadu which was quite spicy (I had to wash this baby down with a mango lassi!).  Both were excellent, but I think both R. and I preferred my Chicken Chettinadu. :)  I still think the Butter Chicken I had last time was the bomb, but they've done a great job with everything else I've tried here.

Fish Curry at Flavors of India by Tamarind
Fish Curry

Chicken Chettinadu at Flavors of India by Tamarind
Chicken Chettinadu

We also got an order of Onion Naan to go with our sauces.  The onion naan looked and even tasted a bit like thin-crust pizza, which was kind of unexpected, but it was very fresh and tasty.  It was probably better than most pizzas I've had.

Onion Naan at Flavors of India by Tamarind
Onion Naan

We loved our meal at Flavor of India by Tamarind, and the highly-anticipated The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie rocked as well.  A winning date night combo!

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