Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SMOKE Barbeque Taqueria (Homestead): Take Two

About a month ago I wrote about the amazing Smoke BBQ Taqueira.  Smoke has since expanded its menu and its hours, and I was back recently to check it out.

As per usual, I got two tacos and a side.  My first taco was the Brisket Taco, with sauteed onions, hot peppers, and BBQ mustard sauce, which was the remaining taco on the old menu that I had yet to try.  As expected, it was very tasty.

Brisket Taco at Smoke BBQ Taqueria
Brisket Taco ($4.50)

My second taco was the Chicken Apple Taco.  I had first read about this taco on Señorita Cibulka's blog when it was offered as a special item earlier in the fall.  It sounded delicious, and I was disappointed that it was not available during my two previous visits to Smoke.  But I was very excited to see that the Chicken Apple Taco has now made its way to the regular menu!

Chicken Apple Taco at Smoke BBQ Taqueria
Chicken Apple Taco ($5.25)

And I loved it!  The combination of chicken, apple, bacon, cheddar cheese, and smoked jalapeno mayo was just fabulous.  I think this is my favorite Smoke taco so far!

For my side, I couldn't help but get the Mac n Cheese with Bacon again because I had been thinking about it a lot pretty much since I had it on my last visit.  The price has gone up somewhat since Smoke unveiled its new menu, but the portion is also bigger.  I actually had to take most of this home.

Mac 'n Cheese with Bacon at Smoke BBQ Taqueria
Mac n Cheese with Bacon ($5.25)
Roasted garlic, shallots, mascarpone cheese, and sharp white cheddar

My dining companion, Señorita Cibulka, got the new Frito Pie.  That's in addition to tacos, of course. I got a few bites and a photo.  This is very tasty, and be warned: it is quite large and filling.  Definitely an item more for sharing than for enjoying on your own.  Unless you have a big appetite.

Frito Pie at Smoke BBQ Taqueria
Frito Pie ($5.75)
Frito scoops topped with chili, cheese, and avocado cream

All in all, it was another highly satisfying meal at Smoke.

Restaurant info:
SMOKE Barbeque Taqueria
225 E 8th Ave, Homestead, PA 15120
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Bonus: BYOB, Cash only

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