Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anatolia Cafe (Cleveland)

We were in Cleveland a couple of weeks ago and needed a place to go for dinner. A Google search took me to this Restaurant A-List so I thought we might check out a place from it.  Anatolia Cafe in Cleveland Heights seemed interesting, not too far from where we were going to be, and offers plenty of vegetarian options, so that's where we ended up.

Anatolia Cafe has a nice outdoor patio, while the interior is bright and spacious.  We sat at a lovely table inside by the window.  The carnivore in me was very excited by the menu choices.  I started with the Sautéed Liver Cubes appetizer, made with veal liver, which was well seasoned and flavorful.  For the entree, R. and I shared the Iskender, a menu-proclaimed "must try" dish of döner (shavarma) with pan sautéed pita-croutons, tomato butter sauce, and fresh yogurt - also very tasty.

Sauteed Liver Cubes at Anatolia Cafe
Sauteed Liver Cubes ($7) 

Iskender at Anatolia Cafe
Iskender ($16)

I also tried some of what R. and his mom had ordered, which were a combination of different appetizers.  They were all quite good.

Hummus at Anatolia Cafe
Hummus ($6)
So pretty!

Stuffed Grape Leaves at Anatolia Cafe
Stuffed Grape Leaves ($6)
with rice, currants, mint, dill, and pine nuts

Sigara Böregi at Anatolia Cafe
Sigara Böreği ($7)
"Cigars" with a feta cheese and fresh herbs filling

All in all, it was a nice meal.  R.'s mom insisted on treating us since R.'s birthday was coming up, which was very nice of her.  My only complaint is that there were a lot of flies even in the indoor space - I'm not sure if that was an anomaly and what can be done about it, as I understand that insects get inside easily when doors are kept open, but I do think it deterred a bit from the experience that was otherwise pleasant.

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Anatolia Cafe
2270 Lee Rd, Cleveland, OH 44118
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