Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tupelo Honey Teas

I happened to discover Tupelo Honey Teas at the Pittsburgh Public Market the first Saturday in April.  I had heard of Tupleo Honey Teas before, but by the time I became a frequent visitor at the Market, it no longer had a booth there.  (Currently, Tupelo Honey Teas is back at the Market on the first Saturdays of each month until September, and is always available online.)  I love tea, so the two or so dozen varieties of tea definitely caught my attention!

Tupelo Honey Teas at the Pittsburgh Public Market
Owner Danielle Spinola of Tupelo Honey Teas

Tupelo Honey Teas
A sampling of teas available

Tupelo Honey Teas
Tea accessories

I tried the Black and Gold tea that owner Danielle Spinola brewed and brought with her that day - a special blend dedicated to our Steelers.  It is Danielle's own creation by blending black tea with ginger and cinnamon, and it is great!  At that time, I also happened to be shopping for favor of sorts for my wedding that would feature Pittsburgh (more on that in a later post), and thought Tupelo Honey Teas' Black and Gold teabags would be just perfect!  Danielle teamed up with local artist Leatrice Krivyanski (of KreativLea) who made these cute favor boxes for the teabags.  I asked for black and gold, of course, but these can be made in any color.

Party favors by Tupelo Honey Teas
Party Favors from Tupelo Honey Teas

Black and Gold Teabag Favors from Tupelo Honey Teas
Inside the box

Danielle can also make custom labels for the favors.  My main goal was to feature local small businesses in Pittsburgh, so I had asked Danielle to include a little blurb about her company, which you can just barely see in the photo above, taped to the inside flap of the favor box.


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