Friday, July 27, 2012

Fresh Ginger Ice Cream (Jeni's Style)

In my last post I declared my love for ginger, and mentioned that I have been using it a lot lately.  One of the things I had always wanted to try was to make ginger ice cream since I've never found a ginger ice cream at a restaurant or an ice cream shop that I've liked.  Often, this is because candied ginger is used, and I'd really prefer the fresh stuff, while other times I just can't barely taste the ginger.

So, I decided to make ginger ice cream using freshly grated ginger.  It's very simple; I followed Jeni's Backyard Mint Ice Cream recipe (on p. 72 of the James Beard award-winning cookbook), and instead of mint, I mixed in 2.5 tbsp of freshly grated ginger to the batter right after the ice bath, and then churned it in the ice cream machine immediately (since I can skip the overnight steeping).  R. loved it, and so did I.  We finished the entire batch in a couple of days.  Luckily, he appreciates ginger the way I do and likes that I use it generously. :)

Ginger Ice Cream (Jeni's Style)
Ginger Ice Cream

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