Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hometown-Homegrown 2012

Soon after coming home to Pittsburgh, I received another invitation to a local food event: GoodTaste! Pittsburgh's Hometown-Homegrown at the Heinz History Center, which is showcases the food of Pittsburgh.  It's the kind of event I would ordinarily support anyway, and this time I dragged R. along as well.

Hometown-Homegrown was not quite as big as the food tasting at the Farm to Table Conference event that I attended back in March, but still, there were over three dozen vendors, which is quite impressive.  In addition to the vendor exhibit, there was a Virtual Cookie Table contest, a cookbook swap, cooking demos, and more, though we focused our energies on the exhibit on the fifth floor.  Here I share just a few photos of my favorite vendors, and I apologize to the others I didn't get a chance to visit.

Pretzel Crazy at Hometown-Homegrown 2012
Pretzel Crazy (Facebook, Twitter) always serves up some of the most delicious treats!

Wild Purveyors at Hometown-Homegrown 2012
Cheese and produce at Wild Purveyors (Facebook, Twitter), store to open in Lawrenceville

The Green Mango at Hometown-Homegrown 2012
The Green Mango (Facebook), a restaurant I've always wanted to try, offering some delicious
spicy chicken samples and a free cookbook! Can't wait to try authentic Thai cooking!

Pittsburgh Public Market Vendors at Hometown-Homegrown 2012
The awesome vendors from the Pittsburgh Public Market:
Soup Nancys, Brown Dog Java (F|t), Olio Fresca,
and Gryphon's Tea

Common Plea Catering at Hometown-Homegrown 2012
Great pasta and great conversation with the friendly folks at Common Plea Catering.

Bulgarian Macedonian National Education and Cultural Center at Hometown-Homegrown 2012
The Bulgarian Macedonian National Educational and Cultural
 (F|t) shared some amazing homemade soups and
other goodies.  Did you know you can order soups to go?

All in all, it was great to see some familiar faces but also learn about other local businesses and organizations I was not familiar with before this event.  As a matter of full disclosure, I received complimentary admission to the event, but as per my own self-imposed blogging rule, a positive review was neither expected nor required.  R. attended with a paid ticket.  The perk of this event is that the admission included the entire museum, so we got to learn a bit about Pittsburgh's history as well!