Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elbow Room (Shadyside)

I visited Elbow Room for the first time last week.  I understand that they had recently moved to this new location on Walnut Street, but since I had never been to the old one before, I can't really make a comparison, although I did think the new location was pretty spacious and nice.

I was with a large group, and Elbow Room was very accommodating about that.  While waiting for everyone to show up, I perused their extensive beverage selection and ordered an Excelsior Sirah.  As for menu options, the Don Ho Burger, which comes with a teriyaki barbecue sauce, pineapples, and Swiss cheese sounded really interesting, but I am a bit picky about the source of my ground beef, so even though I was craving a beef burger, I went with the salmon option instead.

Don Ho Burger with Salmon at Elbow Room
The Don Ho Burger with Salmon

Don Ho Burger with Salmon at Elbow Room
Here's another view.

And I did not regret it.  The salmon was delicious.  The burger was simple, as in not terribly complex in flavor, but the combination of ingredients just worked well together.  I also paid the extra $1.50 to upgrade to the sweet potato fries which were also tasty, if a bit cold.

Admittedly, some in the group were not as impressed with their food.  However, the consensus seems to be that Elbow Room makes a good salmon, as everyone who had salmon as part of their dish had good things to say about it.

Restaurant info:
Elbow Room
5533 Walnut St, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 441-5222

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