Friday, March 25, 2011

Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory at the Pittsburgh Public Market

FamJam in Pittsburgh 2011
Stop #4: Pittsburgh Public Market

This is the fifth in a series of posts on my family's first visit to Pittsburgh.  To start from the beginning with Friday's lunch, click here.

After getting my beloved sesame cookies from Sustenance Bakery at the Pittsburgh Public Market, I wandered around for a bit and checked out the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory.

I had strolled by their stand on previous trips to the Market, but seeing that I'm not a big marshmallow person, I never really bothered to stop by to see what they had to offer.  On this day, I was drawn by the interesting flavors of marshmallows they had, all homemade!

Turns out I didn't know what I had been missing all this time!  As I said before, I'm not big on marshmallows, but I really liked these!  They're light and fluffy and a little moist, unlike the spongy, dry, and too-chewy variety I had had before.  Now I know why I don't like marshmallows: it's not that I don't like them; I just hadn't had the real deal!  I ended up getting four large pieces to go...

Clockwise from bottom: Coconut, ginger, peppermint, and banana foster marshmallows.

...which I completely devoured in a single sitting.  Once again, the Pittsburgh Public Market won the battle against my self-control.  As an aside, My sister got peppermint, lemon, pina colada, and cookies and cream.  She seemed to have particularly liked the lemon one.

Update:  As of December 18, 2011, the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory no longer sells marshmallows at the Pittsburgh Public Market, but they remain available online.

Next up: Saturday's dinner at Silk Elephant in Squirrel Hill

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