Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zuppa's Deli (Wexford)

Well, I'd have to say this is a first -- blogging live from the restaurant where I'm eating right now!  But Zuppa's low-key atmosphere and free wifi has made this possible.  I had driven by Zuppa's a few times in the past and had been curious, but never got around to venturing in until my friend FoodBurgh Mike wrote a raving review of the unassuming little deli in a tiny strip mall in Wexford, in the North Hills suburb of Pittsburgh.  I have since been here several times, and there's good reason it is one of my favorite spots in the area.

I'll admit, I've only ever had the Veggie Sammy here.  I ordered it on my first visit, and it was so freakishly delicious that I actually crave it every once in a while, so whenever I get around to visiting Zuppa's, I always get this same sandwich.  It really is a perfect marriage of portabella mushrooms, zucchini, red peppers, and spinach, topped with fresh mozzarella and a slightly spicy chipotl√© aioli sauce.  One of these days I'd really like to try something different here, like the soup.  "Zuppa," after all, means "soup" in Italian!  They also serve a selection of yummy-sounding salads.  Until then, I leave you with a picture of tonight's dinner:

Veggie Sammy
Ahhh...that hit the spot!

Update 6/15/2011:  See new post here with thoughts and photos of other menu items I've since tried (and they're all delicious!).

Restaurant Info:
Zuppa's Delicatessen
10850 Perry Highway
Wexford, PA 15090

Phone: (724)934-4700

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