Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taj Mahal (West View)

Finally checked out the Taj Mahal on Sunday night.  Taj Mahal is currently expanding their space and the outside of the building is completely covered in house wrap, so if you didn't notice the spray painted "OPEN" sign, you might not realize they are still serving food inside.  But clearly they are not hurting for business because the place was packed!

R. and I looked through the menu but decided to go with the extensive buffet.  For just $9.99, there are plenty of options:

A few pictures of the buffet offerings.  I had to snap these quickly because people were trying to get food.

I enjoyed some chicken curry, chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, vegetable korma, and aloo methi (potatoes with fenugreek leaves), with a side of naan.  The chicken was perhaps slightly tougher than I'd prefer but the sauces and spices were simply wonderful.

For beverages, we got some delicious mango iced tea (left) and mango lassi (right).

And...introducing the BEST part of the meal: Kashmiri Kulcha.  Naan stuffed with nuts, raisins, and cherries.  It has a good bit of sweetness to it and the stuffing tastes to me like coconut.

Restaurant info:
Taj Mahal
7795 Mcknight Road,
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 364-1760

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