Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spinach and Mushroom Frittata

FamJam in Pittsburgh 2011
Homemade Sunday Brunch

This is the eighth (and last) in a series of posts on my family's first visit to Pittsburgh.  To start from the beginning with Friday's lunch, click here.

After what felt to me like an eating out marathon on Friday and Saturday, I thought it might be nice to stay home for a low-key brunch on Sunday.  Now, what possessed me to think that I could single-handedly prepare brunch for six people after several days of accumulated sleep deprivation and a late night of St. Paddy's Day partying on Saturday, I don't know.  And it turned out not to be a very smart idea after all!

There were definitely a few disasters.  My first ever waffle-making attempt ended up being an epic failure (though I did manage to turn the batter into pancakes - also a first attempt), and my experimental maple leaf-shaped eggs with sausages and veggies were, um, not so maple leaf-shaped (I turned that into an egg scramble instead).  Between trying to cook too many things at once and attempting to clean up all the mess I had made, I didn't have any time to serve the delicious bread from Loafers with fresh-ground peanut butter from Giant Eagle Market District that I had especially purchased for my house guests.

Pretty much my only saving grace was an easy spinach and mushroom frittata that I had made several times in the past with success:

Luckily, my family was patient with me, and everyone was well-fed in the end.  I think they even liked some of my failed experiments!  Note to self: In the future, when preparing a meal for other people, go with what you know to be tried and true.

My family left for Toronto Sunday afternoon.  It was a great visit, and I hope I was able to achieve my objective of impressing them with all the great food that Pittsburgh has to offer, and I certainly hope they'll be back soon for more!

If you've read the entire series, thank you!  Feel free to check out the rest of my blog here.

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