Thursday, August 11, 2011

Caffe Fonte Gaia (Siena, Italy)

Two of my foodie goals for this Italy trip were to (1) find good gelato and (2) taste good tiramisu. Unfortunately, it seems I wasn’t hitting the right places for either dessert while in Rome. After the olive oil tasting and a walking tour of the quaint Siena, we stopped in Caffe Fonte Gaia right on the Piazzo del Campo for some gelato. I opted for the banana and coconut flavors. The banana flavor was OK, but the coconut was quite good – at least the best yet on this trip. It was only after we finished our gelato that we saw, in the display case behind our table, tiramisu. Even though we weren’t hungry, we just had to try some tiramisu! And we were quite happy with it as well. The best tiramisu we’ve had on this trip was yet to come, but this one was definitely solid, and at least for now, I was glad to have found two satisfying desserts in one place.

Caffe Fonte Gaia in Siena
Caffe Fonte Gaia

Caffe Fonte Gaia in Siena
Gelato selection

Banana and Coconut Gelato at Caffe Fonte Gaia in Siena
Banana and Coconut Gelato

Tiramisu at Caffe Fonte Gaia in Siena

Restaurant info:
Caffe Fonte Gaia
Piazza del Campo, 21-23, Siena, Italy
Phone: 0577 281628

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