Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gelateria Caffetteria Chic e Shock (Volterra, Italy)

Last Thursday was our last day in Tuscany.  We spent the earlier part of the day touring two towns that were not too far from Siena - Volterra and San Gimignano.  As usual, I went in search for gelato.  In Volterra, in particular, I enjoyed this one place called Chic & Shock, which is not a large place but serves up some interesting flavors.  A friend had mentioned the previous day about having had biscotti flavored gelato once while she was in Italy and never found it again.  And what do you know, there it was, Biscotti gelato, at Chic & Shock.  Naturally, I had to try this hard-to-find variety.  Along with biscotti, I also got the Pear flavored gelato.  Overall, the gelato was good.  Not quite Vivoli-good, but definitely solid.  The biscotti flavor was interesting and tasty, although I thought the pear was really the standout between this two, chock-full of natural, fresh taste of sweet pears.

Biscotti and Pear Gelato at Chic and Shock in Volterra
Biscotti and Pear gelato

Three more days to go in Italy, but unfortunately this was the last good gelato I had on my trip as I caught a cold the next day and had to quit gelato (which makes me cough when I have a cold) as well as wine.  I had to quit delicious Italian WINE!  So sad.  But, there was still good food to be had.  Stay tuned.

Restaurant info:
Gelateria Caffetteria Chic e Shock
Via dei Marchesi, 13, Volterra, Pisa, Italy
Phone:  0588 80508

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