Monday, August 1, 2011

Tomoko Tudini (Rome, Italy)

Friday afternoon, R., his mom, and I managed to make it through several hours of churches, plazas, and the Pantheon without falling asleep.  (By this point, we had been awake for about 30 hours straight!)  We were back at our hotel by 6:00 pm or so and ready for dinner!  We strolled around the area near our hotel, which admittedly is a bit of a tourist trap - and didn't get far before we were enticed by the cute outdoor patio and the Margherita pizza and wine special for 6 euro at Tomoko Tudini.  We were seated at a table right next to some rosemary and sage plants which was pretty nice.

R. went with the Margherita pizza special, which was pretty good, and his mom ordered the Baltica salad, which was smoked salmon with olives, oranges, whole pink peppercorn, and some mysterious cabbage-like vegetable that was kind of bland.  I got the Tropea Pizza, mainly because it had buffalo mozzarella, and though I had no idea what that was, I had hoped it was cheese made with buffalo milk. (I was later able to confirm that, in fact, buffalo mozzarella is made from milk of the water buffalo.)  The pizza was also topped with artichokes, olives, and red onions.  I am mostly a thin-crust pizza kind of gal, so I really enjoyed this pizza.  R. had read that the pizza in Rome tends to be of the thin-crust variety, so it will be interesting to compare that with pizzas from other places we'll be visiting on this trip.

Margherita Pizza at Tomoka Tudini
Margherita Pizza

Tropea Pizza at Tomoko Tudini
Tropea Pizza

Baltica Salad at Tomoko Tudini
Baltica Salad

While the food was generally good, and everything once again came out at lightning speed, we did run into some bizarre service here.  As he was seating us, I asked our waiter, in Italian and very politely so, if he speaks English.  He replied no, and proceeded to keep talking on and on in Italian.  All I could do was apologize and explain that I didn't speak Italian.  When he came back to take our order, we struggled to order our food in Italian, and he smugly said, "You know, you can speak English."  Mi scusi, but WTF?!?  Then, when he was taking R.'s order of the Margherita pizza special, he asked if R. wanted red or white wine.  R. very clearly said he wanted red, but guess what wine they brought out for him?  Yep, white.  It was unfortunate that we met with such horrible service at our first dinner in Italy, but we quickly learned that while most locals are nice, there are also some who hate tourists, and we just have to let it go and not let them ruin our vacation.

Restaurant info:
Tomoko Tudini
Via Principe Amedeo 27, 00185, Rome, Italy