Monday, January 7, 2013

Burgh'ers: Take Two (Harmony)

I have always been a fan of Burgh'ers up in Harmony.  Even though I have only written about them once on my blog, I have actually visited on several occasions.  Recently, I finally made it to their "new" location - actually not that new, as I think it is now close to a year since the move - and it is not that far from the "old" location because it is the space directly next door that used to house an Indian restaurant.

I like the new location.  The atmosphere is completely different - more elegant with its dark orange walls and dim lighting, and less fluorescent-light-and-fast-foody.  Along with being a larger space, there is a bar in the back. The restaurant was packed on this Friday evening, but since I was flying solo I just grabbed a seat at the bar.

Which prompted me to order a drink.  Well, the special of the evening, Apple-Berry Sangria, sounded just about perfect for a fall night, and it was delicious.

Apple Berry Sangria at Burgh'ers
Apple-Berry Sangria

I also decided to go with the evening's special burger: the Beet Burger, with cream cheese and beet slaw topping the local grass-fed beef patty.  I love beets, and I like burgers and cream cheese quite a bit as well, so that was a winning combination for me!  It tasted great!

Beet Burger at Burgh'ers
Beet Burger

Aside from being so far north, I love this little neighborhood joint.  Hope to be back again before too long!

Restaurant info:
100 Perry Highway, Harmony, PA 16037
(724) 473-0710
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