Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thai Basil (Toronto - Richmond Hill)

My whole family loves Thai food, and we've been to the Richmond Hill location of Thai Basil twice on my last two visits to Toronto, once for lunch and once for dinner. On our dinner outing there in particular, we had a fairly large group and ordered family-style, which gave me the opportunity sample a wide variety of items, and so I can say with confidence that the food is all quite fabulous there.  I will just let the photos speak for themselves, but let me just say that there was not a single dish I didn't like!  I can see why my parents like this restaurant so much!

At Thai Basil (Toronto)
Thai Basil's entrance. The interior is decorated in
a pleasant Buddha motif.

Tom Yum Lemongrass Soup and Vegetarian Spring Roll at Thai Basil (Toronto)
 Vegetarian"Tom Yum" Lemongrass Soup and Vegetarian Spring Roll, served as
part of the lunch combo.

“Mussamun” Curry Beef Brisket at Thai Basil (Toronto)
“Mussamun” Curry Beef Brisket: Beef brisket simmered in Thai curry paste with potatoes,
peanuts, and onions, served with steamed rice (lunch combo, $8.95)

Green Papaya Salad at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Green Papaya Salad: Green papaya mixed with tomatoes, coriander, lime juice,
onions, and peanuts ($7.95)

Thai Fish Cakes at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Thai Fish Cake: Deep fried patties of fish mixed with Thai spices and herbs, served
with pickled vegetables and peanut cucumber house sauce ($7.95)

Thai Prawn Cakes at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Thai Prawn Cake: Deep fried patties of Thai prawns with Thai hers, served with
pickled vegetables and house sauce ($8.95)

Vegetarian Thai Spring Rolls at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Vegetarian Thai Spring Rolls: Golden fried wrapped cabbages, carrots, taro, and
vermicelli, served with house plum sauce ($7.95).

Thai Red Curry at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Thai Red Curry with Mixed Vegetables: Red curry cooked with stripped bamboo
shoots, Thai eggplants, red peppers, basil, and coconut milk ($9.95)

Thai Green Curry at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Thai Green Curry with Tiger Prawns: Green curry cooked with Thai eggplants,
peppers, lime leaves, bail, coconut milk ($13.95)

Garlic Prawns at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Garlic Prawns: Stir-fried tiger prawns with pepper, fresh garlic,  andserved with
broccoli ($13.95)

Baked Seafood in Pumpkin at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Baked Seafood in Pumpkin: Mixed seafood baked in red curry with red pepper,
sweet basils, lime leaves, and galangal ($16.95)

Pad Thai at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Pad Thai with Tiger Prawns: Rice noodle stir-fried with eggs, tofu, green onions,
and bean sprouts in authentic Pad Thai sauce, served with peanuts and fresh
lime ($11.95)

Mango Sticky Rice at Thai Basil (Toronto)
Mango Sticky Rice: Black and white sticky rice served with fresh mango, topped
with coconut milk ($6.50)

Cocktail at Thai Basil (Toronto)

Cocktail at Thai Basil (Toronto) 2

Restaurant info:
Thai Basil
1070 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Unit F103, Richmond Hill, ON
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